Our first assignment as designers of a landscape at LSU was oriented by project 1.001 to 1.002

We visited the site several times and were fed with lots of information from colleagues and our own observations. From the first vector walk the learning process started at the site. Before that we gathered a huge amount of information regarding history, general culture, local data and further pertinent information.

This was a great example of coordination of team work. Albeit superficial due to time constraints and our own personal limitations, it gave us enough tools to proceed with the design process. In my mind such an expression didn’t mean much before coming to school. Previous semester endeavors got us started into the heart and soul of a design. Questioning and researching, looking for clues and real connections between site and design. Representing these into parti diagrams (what are this things?), such a fundamental part of creation and a great reference to look back to.

Observe, observe and observe.

Practical information is abundant if interviewing local folks. From the city planning department architects, to the Master Planning architects (who, by the way, did a great job, mostly implemented on the site). Contact with workers at the site, such as Mike and Gerard, who ended up coming to our final review, was fundamental to help us bring our design down to reality.

In spite of limiting our design freedom, these surveyed constraints, in some ways helped create more daring solutions and “reviewable” designs.

Review is regarded pretty much as a very stressful time. I believe that it should be the opposite. It’s a great opportunity to open our thoughts to very experienced professionals that can give us good feedback, except for some less constructive personalities.

Group work brings flowing dynamics and interactions. The source of the first line up till the last shading for finalization comes from momentaneous inspiration that can appear anywhere, but mostly during the design effort, at the desk, from an abstract reference past or recent that perseveres in our minds.

I was very lucky to participate in groups of hardworking and delivering people. Constructive criticism was very to the point (is there such an expression in English?). These came from everyone, from the Professor to well meaning colleagues who were eager to share their thoughts and ideas for production.

Beautiful work came up in each group that was able to deliver. Our dreams had to be cut down, on the face of reality and time constraints. As inheritance we learn new techniques, promise not to leave printing to the last minute and imagine where else will this wonderful and privileged experience lead us to.