The opportunity is great for this location. So close to communities to the East, before and beyond I-10.
My approach looks at the site in both ecological and practical manners.
I’ll divide the site in three tiers, as far as water intrusion is concerned:
I) Always dry (further away from river)
II) Sometimes wet
III) Almost always wet (next to river)
The north side of the site seems more appropriate do active recreation, since it presents a wider breadth of dry space so that more definitive structures can be established.
I intend to enhance the dry space somewhat, to harbor other more stable structures and uses, such as a strolling path for baby carts and rest areas for moms who are tired of being inside and need some air/interaction with nature.
The wet areas provide a great opportunity for space exploration and creation of interactive structures, such as underwater tunnels, protected boardwalks, undulating walks, going into and out of water as well as an advanced pavilion into the Mississippi River, creating and advantage point for observation of the surrounding environment, including DeSoto Park itself.
Propitiating plenty of shade for establishing picnic areas will allow users to enjoy their lunch in a calm and retired environment, with fixed furniture, protected from rain and sun.
These concepts are illustrated in the images below.
In the next couple of days I’ll gather realistic images of strategic points and illustrate these concepts in these frames.
Connection to the Visitor Center and town will be done by paths and street level crossings, leaving the main path closer to River Road, for higher speed bicycles and restricting their access to the inner paths, where I’ll seek to implement a calmer and more harmonious environment.