Orange and I went to De Soto yesterday.
Motivation: site observation and strategy choices…
We were twice warned by Casino personnel not to get close to the water and were questioned by security people on what we were doing there. I guess that Orange’s figure seems very threatening motivating this concern, with the security head even mentioning 9/11, an unfortunate series of events in contemporary history.
Back to the site, the awareness that there are 14 Alligators and several types of snakes did make me more alert! We actually saw a water rattle snake about 5 feet from us. It saw us much before we saw it, so it had time to turn around and flee swimming into the water. It made me wonder how feasible it would be to have small children and moms in such an environment.
Does environment conservation and human recreation go well together, if taken to the urban scale of things? Keeping dangerous animals (not to mention human beings) out of the park or at least fencing them off would be and alternative?
Should we conceive a hovering park?… fluctuating above everything… unaffected by these dangerous intercourses?
Well, I guess that the attached pdf answers part of these questions…