To those who have any interest in foreign events, Brazil has been going through some social unrest.

Present government has its base of support in the usually corrupt Unions who promote noisy protests whenever government asks them to.

The present turmoil and street demonstrations are not originated from these “purchased” Unions. They are a genuine indignation of the middle class that got tired of watching helplessly to the slow and steady destruction of our economy, infrastructure and morality.

What we see in the streets is a big contingent of young people who lost hope in government, political parties and Brazilian style democracy, that doesn’t actually work as one with such a huge percentage of its population being illiterate and ignorant.

Voting is mandatory here, so previous governments buy these votes providing an official monthly financial help to families who ask for it and can prove that are poor and in need. Needless to say this serves as a perpetuation of the parties in power and the deterioration of the production base.

The inefficient government has gone from 12 Ministries to 40, from Fernando Henrique’s government, through Lula (a deeply corrupt politician turned into Myth) up to the incompetent Dilma government that has grown tax collection to unbearable levels.

Capitalism in itself is prone to corruption and the modern democracies have been able to reduce this aspect to a livable minimum. According to philosophers it will never end.

In Brazil corruption is a way of life and it’s very unlikely to become successful if one is not involved in some type of mischievous scheme.

Brazilian economy isn’t going anywhere, since investment in security, health and education is much less than what it should be. Public schools are not a possibility for someone like me who demands a good level of education for kids. Even USP, the famed University of São Paulo, has suffered from several years of negligence… not only from government but also from its own ranks. No education, no future! As simple as that! Just look at the old Soviet Union. They had very bad quality education and that will cost them decades to pick up, before they can be called a world power again.

Our judiciary system also sucks and is overloaded with useless processes. Judges are overwhelmed and cannot get anywhere near meeting the needs of society. Even if they wanted to, which they don’t. Really!

Just now we had, for example, to decide if we rented a house for commercial purposes. It has some legal issues, from bad management in the past. To fix this we’ll need to go through city officials (who will ask for money), judiciary system (that doesn’t work) and fixing stuff we didn’t even brake. So, property owners are in the hands of corrupt regulators. Even with the PT government having become the leading party in Sao Paulo city, things didn’t get any better. If anything, they got worse! A political party who is in power just to be in power and whose moves denounce that all they want is to stay in power… bribing the people with false propaganda and tax money they collect from the economy.

Doing charity with tax money will slowly bring inflation back, jeopardize infrastructure and produce a society of lazy people.

Labor laws are another huge problem here. A business owner needs lots of cash if he wants to fire someone for whatever reason. He cannot lower wages to save jobs and the business itself. A Labor Law system benefits perfidious employees who lie to a senseless judge and many times produce decisions that break the company, leaving no hope of recuperation or further employment.

We are living a Chavism in Brazil, where there is a Myth built around one person who has been armored by its accomplices with the objective of keeping them in power.

The traditional formula of bread and circus is being taken to its maximum here. They give soccer to the people, with athletes being paid hundreds of times more than the common worker who actually carries this country on their backs. A common worker gets a 1,000 Real pay per month, while an average soccer player gets paid 100k Real, going up to 5 million!

This craziness and stupidity also happens in the USA and Europe, so we are merely importing it, but even then, it’s an outrage to have a woman put in prison for stealing a butter bar while our previous president has enriched his son thousands of times and isn’t even being prosecuted!!!

Professional sports, in my opinion, have become a cancer to our society. Nothing morally justifies the money involved in these activities. No one will convince me that Tiger Woods can get a check of 1 million dollars while there are children dying of cancer, unattended for lack of conditions, in a public hospital somewhere in the world and even somewhere in the USA… a country of contrasts… and more and more unjust.

Corporations are governing this world and, allied to corrupt politicians, morally dysfunctional, have unlimited power.

A lawyer that saves millions from tax benefits for his client, receives millions as pay while the person who plants the corn that he eats cannot afford to put his kids in a decent school.

Where have we gone wrong?