Since coming back to Brazil plenty of things have happened. Mostly in the golfing arena.
Trying to stay afloat in a wild market isn’t an easy task.
One needs to wear many “hats”… so our company is producing landscaping plans, selling inputs and managing installations.
Here are some images that illustrate what we’re up to.

Green Hole# 5 - Imperial Golf Club

This is a green in grow-in phase in an 18 hole golf course we designed and built.

Unique Garden Golfe

Practice Facility with Driving Range over water: Unique Garden Hotel – Brazil

We are also supervising the construction of a small 9 hole facility that we designed right on the beach in the State of CearĂ¡, Brazil.

Our design was followed by our Landscaping Plans, considering the local Dunes environment, using mostly local plants adapted to high salinity and the local dry environment.

Dunes are an amazing Biome and worth studying. Composed of very tough and resistant plants, with a natural topography formed by the wind over centuries it offers so many possibilities that we became overwhelmed by the endless options for its landscaping.

The image below shows an initial construction phase, with some shaping, green filling and windmills (power source) in the background.

Construction under way in Ceara, Brazil

Construction under way in CearĂ¡, Brazil

The World Cup is taking a lot of attention and unfortunately we were not involved in any of it. We are not corrupt enough! There are certain prices for what is called “success” that we are not willing to pay (or make the Brazilian people pay…).

Besides that, being in a Concrete Jungle motivates us to search for including more green into the human space. We started installing Green Wall Gardens, produced by Elmich from Singapore. An amazing technology, full of little secrets with results that leave everyone a fan.

The image belows shows one of our gardens:

A Sample of what a Green Wall with good choices of plants can yield.

A Sample of what a Green Wall with good choices of plants can yield.