Since 2011 a group of landscapers (as a free translation would go here in Brazil for Landscape Architecture – Paisagismo), has started a move towards the legalization of the profession of Landscapers in Brazil. This effort is being commanded by our Associacao Nacional de Paisagismo.

A Bill was drafted and has been in transit at the House of Reps for the last 4-5 years. A couple of Representatives at the lower chamber have adopted this bill and are carrying it from office to office trying to get support for it within the house.

The Brazilian president has just vetoed a similar Bill for the legalization of the profession of Interior Decorators, a sign that unfavorable times are to come in our direction. Not to worry. We`ll keep fighting and hopefully she`ll be out of office before she can veto it.

Support to this initiative has come from many national and international bodies, ASLA, IFLA etc. We`ve got explicit support from the University of New Mexico (thanks Alf) and are hoping to get more from other important schools around the world.

Hopefully in the near future we`ll start promoting specific courses and exchange of professionals, teachers and knowledge will become more intense.

Last week an amendment was made to our proposal. Instead of proving that one has worked for over 2 years to be licensed, the demand has grown to 5 years minimum. Probably a wise move.

Lots of work ahead of us now!

Wish us luck and, if you`d like to contribute, send me a letter of support. We need them!