We live in a society that values social status, appearances and professional success. Success in most situations is measured by number of works done, no matter the quality or by the amount of financial resources one accumulates over time, no matter how.

Even saintly beings, like Divaldo Franco, are depicted showing the huge work they have accomplished with very little attention to the content of his endearing messages.

These yardsticks produce a skewed set of values where we make our kids grow and feed a sick society full of social, economical and psychological problems, to mention a few. This conducts us towards more corruption, more crime and less integration with “thy neighbor”.

Here in Brazil the consequences are dear. Destruction of natural habitats, killings for the possession of land, abandoned kids on the streets left to their own luck. A broth that will show its violent face, suddenly at an unexpected corner anywhere, by a human being whose values are so distorted away from humanism that the behavior of not even hunting wild animals could be used as comparison.

A model that values production of “exportable” commodities leaves the exposed human beings involved in a limbo, making them migrate to nearby towns and, if they survive, to¬† big centers, bloated day by day. A collective murder of local culture, pushed aside by the greed of big and small corporations.

Young souls are then drawn towards drugs that sell the illusion of nirvana within hell, producing a vicious cycle that is swallowing families and good values that allow us to live peacefully in a society, the very definition of civilization. The older souls are also drawn towards drugs, the legal ones, that will lengthen their suffering while destroying families and draining their feeble financial resources. Afterwards they are thrown in the common ditch of oblivion.

Fortunately some enlightened souls have noticed these trends (not hard to do, I must confess) and are creating movements towards enhancing the value of human beings, the environment and life in society. They are fighting this madness of self destruction that has dominated our western culture and hopefully will be able to overcome this suicidal route society has taken.

With proposals that seem a little “cuco” for our distorted values, they are showing that the agricultural model of exporting resources is unsustainable and that it’s possible to produce a healthier model to live by. Smaller scale farming, preservation of the environment and appropriate valuation of resources will eventually start a trend that may save our souls.

Let’s hope it’s not too late!