Designing a golf course isn`t a small task, to say the least.

A challenging endeavour we faced a few years ago was to integrate golf and second residence in a paradisiac site in the state of Ceara, Brazil.

This small village, named Aquiraz, already has an 18 hole official golf course built in a Dunes environment. Beautiful setting with wonderful sites of the seashore.

Our effort integrates 99 small 3 stories buildings with a 9 hole, par 3 course, we have written about in another blog.

When work is in progress we visit the site every 45 to 60 days.

This last visit brought us some nice views of a part of the course that has been ready, but not open to players yet, and another part that is being built.

Never enough to emphasize the quality of a hired contractor, their honesty and their capability of reading golf designs, plans and comments. Not paying attention to this can bring undesirable delays to the job as a whole and frustrate everyone.

In any case, results will suffer little if we diligently dedicate efforts towards fidelity to the plans, to design principles and quality.

We include here some photos for record and appreciation.