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Check this out!
There is this great source of management practices for golf courses, that are good for any type of landscape site, not only golf.
This attached article talks about Phosphorus (P) transportation by water flowing out of a garden, golf course or any structure that utilizes P for plants in general.
There are two types of P and leaching (loss) to water is one of the main causes of Eutrophication (basically pollution). Several techniques can be adopted to avoid this loss, but this one I found very interesting, cheap and applicabble to any type of site.
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A bit of scientific data

As you may know, my background is on golf course work and research.

I received this article from the United States Golf Association’s  funded research program.

It’s hard data about the capacity of wetlands to “cleanup” nutrient rich runoff from (in this case) golf courses, but it well applies to any land where fertilizers are applied to.

This article is written for non scientific readers, so please disregard the dry language when it bogs down to data and try to get the bigger picture.


Nutrient Fate In Golf Course Environments – USGA